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About Vocational School

Vocational and Technical training is important for global economy.

Globalization and regionalization movements, developments in the substructure of information technologies and proliferation of the use of communication means have brought a more intensive dimension to the international competition. In this regard, qualified man power has taken its place in economic life as a means of basic force of competition.

Our university started its academic activities as a vocational school. Since the first academic year we were established, we have built solution-oriented partnerships with the sector representatives and non-governmental organizations on syllabus, practice and internship plans towards the sector before admitting students to each program. These activity and productivity-based plans help our graduates to recognize the working life while having their education and to get a sustainable job after graduation.

We, as a vocational school, defend the necessity of conducting the vocational and technical training and education in a practical way. In this sense, for our vocational school to be a “BENEFIT CENTRE” is assisted by the fact that field courses are conducted by the representatives of the sector, technical trips are organized to the sectoral businesses, a cooperation between the university and industry is ensured with several activities and innovations in production processes are regularly included in the course plans.

Diversification of skills in vocational and technical training is important according to contemporary employment paradigm. Therefore, our students gain some skills through foreign language, information communication technologies and several optional courses in the teaching programs of our vocational school. This practice increases the chances of our students’ employment after graduation and eliminates the costs of training and time of the employing businesses.

With consideration paid to the fact that vocational training is very important for Turkish and world economy, we wish a successful, happy and healthy life during and after their education with us.

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