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Applied English and Translation

The ın the globalized world and in the process of Turkey’s full membership into the European Union, Turkey’s need for qualified oral and written interpreters in terms of its position and conditions is on the increase. The increased interest in the field concerned gives birth to the need to conduct the activities more productively and effectively, which brings the demand for qualified personnel to the light. In the light of all this information, the purpose of the Program of Applied English and Translation is to train interpreters qualified enough to make translations in different sectors with emphasis on the terms and concepts used in the business world on the condition that they have a high level of reading and writing as well as speaking and listening in Turkish and English. Active within the body of Vocational School of Nisantasi University, the Program of Applied English and Translation offers a program based both on theory and on practice related to different fields towards using English and Turkish in the most effective way. In this way, our graduates attain the competency to translate the texts from scientific articles to literary works. In the process of preparing the syllabus, the support of the academicians with a lot of experience in the sector has been taken, also obeying the regulations. Accordingly, we have attempted to form the basis for the employability of our graduates in good and easy conditions through the emphasis on theoretical and practical training.

The graduates of the program are entitled to work at certified translator offices to do written and simultaneous translations. Besides, the graduates can also be employed by the public institutions such as the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Culture, Tourism, etc., and by the media, embassies, cultural centres, hotels, travel agencies and multinational institutions and organizations.
The syllabus of the Program of Applied English and Translation consists of the courses containing information that can be used in every part of the working life. Comparative Grammar, Introduction to Interpretation, Introduction to Oral Interpretation, Composition, Contemporary English and American Literature, Oral Translation, Theories and Techniques of Translation are the basic courses of the program, but there are also such private field courses as Media Translation, Technical Translation, Literary Translation, Business Translation, Subtitle and Dubbing Translation.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Applied English and Translation.
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