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Medical Laboratory Techniques

In the sector of medical laboratory, the number of laboratories of public and private sectors is on the increase. The purpose of this program is to train the individuals who carry out the medical analyses required by the doctor related to the state of the patient in the diagnosis and treatment laboratories within the body of health institutions. Therefore, the students carry out current-semester routine laboratory practice in the fourth semester and do their summer internships at the end of the second and fourth semesters so that they can practically develop the skills and information that they acquire in the practical and theoretical courses during their training period.

The graduates of this program can be employed at hospitals, medical faculties, private test laboratories, research centres of other health institutions and food industry businesses.
The syllabus of the Program of Medical Laboratory Techniques consists of the courses containing information that can be used in every part of the working life. Mendel Genetics, Introduction to Molecular Biology, Deontology, Medical Terminology, Pathology and Biophysics are the main courses of the program.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Medical Laboratory Techniques.
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