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Medical Documentation and Secretariat

The graduates of the Program of Medical Documentation and Secretariat can work in the health sector, which is an ever-expanding sector. They can regulate the patients’ dating processes, conduct the patients’ admission procedures, inform the patient about the working of the institution and medical services, keep the records about the patient and conduct the communication and correspondence services in the administrative and medical units at hospitals. The purpose of the program is to train health technicians who can conduct the secretariat processes at health institutions, who can keep the records of the patients’ diagnosis and treatments, who can prepare the medical, administrative and statistical documents, who can regulate and archive the documents, who can arrange and develop archives, who can deal with the patients’ admissions and files and prepare them for examination, and who ensure their unit’s verbal and written communication. Medical secretaries have become important and necessary personnel for the health institutions developing and expanding today.

Our program meets this important need of the sector and pursues the mission of playing a pioneering role in the training of medical secretaries with a high level of background, information and equipment. Our training is designed to train medical secretaries with enough background and skills in the field and who achieve lifelong development parallel to the expectations and needs of the health sector. It also aims to gain our students the abilities to build an effective communication, to study and work in a group, to notice the problems and solve the problems. The practices in hospital and compulsory summer internship and occupational practice courses are deigned to provide our students with experience and skills before starting their working life after graduation.

The graduates of the Program of Medical Documentation and Secretariat can work in every field of the health sector. Its importance and effectiveness is gradually increasing, and as such it offers its graduates a wide variety of choice for employment. Besides the various units of public and private health institutions, private health clinics, provincial health directorates, medical research e-publication firms, medical material firms, dispensaries, imaging centres and doctors’ offices are among the employment facilities available to the graduates.
The syllabus of the Program of Medical Documentation and Secretariat consists of the courses containing information that can be used in every part of the working life. Medical Documentation, Medical Terminology, Hospital Automation, Correspondence and Filing Techniques, Ten-Finger Typing Techniques, and Office Management are main courses in the program. There are also such courses as Human Resources Management, Office Program Applications and First Aid and Emergency.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Medical Documentation and Secretariat.
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