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Sports Management

Technological developments in sports, achievements in international organizations thanks to these developments and the importance of sports in today’s societies make the issue of management in this field important. When sports activities are considered from the aspect of their effectiveness in regional, national and international fields, the need for qualified man power comes to the light. The Program of Sports Management within the body of Nisantasi University continues its studies in this direction with its theoretical and practical training program and contributes to its graduates’ employment in field of sports. Our program contributes to the training of individuals with occupational skills, who have got the ability to manage and guide within the framework of modern sports management approach, who can communicate with people well, who like working in teams, who have a responsibility and a mastery of technology, and who follow an information management approach towards putting these skills in practice.

The graduates of the Program of Sports Management can be employed at the central and provincial branches of the General Directorate of Youth and Sports, sports clubs in amateur and professional leagues, culture and sports chamber directorates of municipalities, tourism sector, private sports facilities, sportsmen training centres and media. It is also possible that they can get promotion to the positions of Director, Vice-Director, Provincial Manager and Head of Department in public institutions.
During the training period, there are some courses in field of sports that contain subjects belonging to sports; Law, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Recreation, Computer and Business; Sports Law, Sports Marketing, Sports Economy, Sports Management, Risk Management in Sports, Business of Sports Facility, Turkish Sports Organization and Administration Structure, Sports and Media and Entrepreneurship in Sports. In addition, there are a lot of optional courses by which the students can develop themselves in their field of interest.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Sports Management.
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