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Civil Air Transportation Management

The fact that trade has developed and expanded to the extent of making the world a single market has caused an increase in the demand for the fast and added-valued transport activities. This, in turn, has enabled the advancement and development in air transportation. Development of aviation sector has increased the interest in aviation in our country, thus generating the need for trained and qualified personnel in aviation sector with a strong competition. The program has a comprehensive syllabus designed to prepare its students for aviation career by forming a sound basis of management and aviation. By means of the operational trainings given to students, they are trained as individuals with developed skills of communication, group work, problem-solving and critical thinking and with the qualifications of leadership, management and creativity, who can use the information technologies very well and renew and develop themselves at all times. Our university aims to give training in field of applied sciences in particular by taking the modern employment paradigm into account. The Program of Civil Air Transportation Management is one of these programs. The basic purpose of the program is to bring the airline and air cargo businesses in the sector and land service businesses close to the students, thus putting the theoretical courses into practice.

The sector of civil aviation has become one of the most important sectors of the world and is developing day by day in our country, so our program intends to contribute to the sector qualified man power with occupational qualification and theoretical and practical training. The students take the basic information on the aviation sector in a practical way. The graduates of the program can be employed at airline companies, air cargo companies, land service businesses, airports, catering firms and airline companies conducting private air taxi transport.
The Program of Civil Air Transportation Management has a syllabus intended to enable the personnel needed in the aviation sector to contribute very much to the sector. Dangerous Materials, Sectoral Practices in Aviation, Airline Management, Passenger Services and Aviation Security are some of the main courses taught in the program. Also, the students gain an aviation-based point of view through the syllabus.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Civil Air Transportation Management.
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