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Hair Care and Beauty Services

The fast developments in field of hair care and beauty services have led to a big potential for employment in this sector and increased the need for qualified personnel. In recent years, there has appeared a need for personnel who both apply the traditional methods and know the modern techniques. The purpose of the program is to train graduates who are equipped with the skills and background demanded by the sector, who know the rules of health and sanitation, depending on the technological developments of the age, who can build a good communication, who can do the hair, skin and body care well and the practices of reflexology, epilation, hand-foot and nail care and haircut, who know the materials and preparations and use them accurately, who can choose the tools and equipment for the work they do and who can apply professional stage, TV, cinema, opera and theatre make-up well.

The graduates of the program can work at backstage and make-up studios, male and female hairdressers’, beauty shops and centres, massage saloons and centres, spa and baths, thermal hotels, therapy and care centres, sports centres and saloons, TV channels, theatre halls, cinema studios, cosmetics sales spots and manufacturing companies and the hairdresser and beauty shops within the public and private institutions.
The Program of Hair Care and Beauty Services is supported by the practical training in the remaining three semesters following the theoretical one in the first semester. Accordingly, Basic Hair Training, Body Make-up, Stage and Objective Make-up, Skin Care, Hand-foot and Nail Care, Cosmetics, Hair Care and Reflexology are some of the courses taught in the program.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Hair Care and Beauty Services.
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