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Pathology Lab Techniques

The purpose of the program is to train pathology lab technician who can conduct all technical services to make the tissue and body fluids ready for the microscopic examination at pathology laboratories and apply the latest technology, who can work with the new techniques, and who can coordinate their eyes and hands skilfully in the skill of problem-solving. This program is founded within the vocational school to train well-equipped technical staff for pathology labs common in our country. The importance of training personnel mastering several new techniques and materials increasing in number day by day at pathology labs working under the principle of accurate diagnosis and preparation is obvious. It is more and more apparent today that the need for well-equipped technical personnel is increasing. It is for the purpose of training well-equipped pathology lab technicians to meet this need for technical personnel that this program is founded. Those who want to study in this program are required to be interested and successful in chemistry and biology and like working in closed places. Pathology lab technicians follow and conduct the required procedures till the human and animal tissues and fluids are prepared for microscopic examination at pathology laboratories. Also, they use the required technology. The graduates of the Program of Pathology are entitled as ‘health technician’.

The graduates of the Program of Pathology Lab Techniques can work in the pathology laboratories of public and private hospitals, private pathology laboratories, pathology laboratories of Forensic Medicine Institute, histology laboratories of Medical Faculty and molecular pathology laboratories. Pathology is s branch of science in its infancy. Today pathologic diagnosis is of importance in the diagnosis of the diseases. More space is devoted to the preferences of the student candidates who want to do specialty in medicine in field of pathology in our country. The need for technicians increases with the number of specialist doctors trained. The graduates of the program can be transferred to the undergraduate programs of Biology, Nursing and Nursing Health Services if they succeed in the external transfer exam of OSYM.
The syllabus of the Program of Pathology Lab Techniques consists of the courses containing information that can be used in every stage of working life. General Histotechnology I, Basic Concepts in Pathology, Basic Microbiology, General Histotechnology II, Special Cytotechnology, Special Histochemistry Techniques, Molecular Pathology Techniques, Immunohistochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry are the main courses in the program. Our students are also taught the courses of Quality and Accreditation in Health and Medical terminology as well as the above ones.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Pathology Lab Techniques.
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