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Mobile Technologies

Today mobile technology devices are used as a means of communication, with consideration paid to the factors of cost, security and speed. Accordingly, the purchase, production, storing, sales and marketing processes of commercial life; courses and exams in education; accommodation procedures in tourism; and examination and treatment stages in health sector are planned through mobile technologies and find a field of application for themselves. While mobile technologies take their place in every stage of human life, they require special trainings in terms of unending renewal and security.

The primary purpose of our university is to train qualified and well-equipped personnel needed by different sectors. Our university has made it its principle to be integrated with sectoral changes and developments in a short time in the light of what has been stated above, so it closely follows the developments in information technology and sector. It is necessary that our students should have field information to plan, coordinate and manage the software, hardware and safety processes in field of informatics; they should also know the programming language well, present the software in a good visual manner and master the foreign language used in programming and software.

The graduates of this program are entitled to work in the GSM operators, firms active in informatics sector, software companies, technology-support units of banks and all the firms using the mobile technology.
The syllabus of the Program of Mobile Technologies consists of several courses, some of which are Graphics and Animation, Basics of Programming, Installation and Administration of Software, Web Design, Database, Web Editor, Visual Programming, Mobile Device Software, IOS Programming and Internet Programming.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Mobile Technologies.
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