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Architectural Restoration

In our country with a one thousand-year-old civilization, restaurateurs have and play a big role in protecting the movable and immovable cultural heritage against negative factors, stopping their wear and tear, restoring the worn and damaged parts of these structures in accordance with scientific principles and their original state without changing their structural and visual features. Viewed from this perspective, the need for qualified personnel in architectural structures is an important issue. The basic purpose of the Program of Architectural Restoration is to preserve the cultural heritage that has got historic and aesthetic values. It also aims to train artistic and technical personnel having enough ability and background to take the inventories of architectural examples, monuments and monumental structures, to prepare their relief, restitution suggestion and restoration projects and to take place in the application processes of these projects.

The graduates can be employed as a technical personnel near the architects by the laboratories, work sites and offices of the private and public institutions that work in field of restoration (Restoration and Conservation Central Laboratory of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Department of Reliefs and Monuments, General Directorate of Foundations), for the restoration work performed by the foundations, by the museums and palaces affiliated to Department of National Palaces or private museums, by the archaeological excavation teams and work sites.
The Program of Architectural Restoration has a rich syllabus, including such courses as Relief, Conservation of Ancient Works, Computer-Assisted Design, Vocational Technical Drawing, Photography, Restoration Terminology, History of Architecture, Construction Materials, Exploration and Quantities.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Architectural Restoration.
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