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Program of Machinery offers two-year associate degree training. The graduates of this program are entitled as ‘machine technician’. The sector of machinery is steadily growing in our country. However, it is a locomotive sector as it produces added value, creates a wide national and international industrial network, reduces dependency on foreign countries and increases the production of technology. The program is designed to train the technical personnel who have skills and abilities in such fields as mechanical and control systems, design, maintenance and reparation. Besides the given theoretical and practical applications, the internships in the industry allow our students to gain experience before starting to work.

The graduates of the Program of Machinery can find a job in the design, manufacturing, CNC and benches, machine and metal industry, automotive sector, welder, robotic systems, work machines and domestic appliance department of factories and businesses. Our students have the right to register several departments such as Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Ship Machines through External Transfer Exam.
Some of the courses taken by the students in the Program of Machinery are as follows; Technical Drawing, Material Technology, Basic Manufacturing Procedures, Occupational Health and Safety, Manufacturing Procedures, Thermodynamics, Computer-Assisted Production, Hydraulics and Pneumatics.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Machinery.
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