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Business Management

Besides the other stages of production, management has become one of the requirements of this age. The development and change in economic field have caused the management of firms to change completely. The change and development in senior management have altered the understanding of management in all stages. Therefore, there has appeared a need for qualified labour force to meet the needs of this new understanding. The Program of Business Management rains business managers equipped with enough information and background to deal with any problem likely to arise in a business, to conduct the improvement efforts of working processes and the organizations.

The graduates of the Program of Business Management at Nisantasi University can find a job with the positions of mid-level manager or vice-manager at businesses, overcome all the organizational problems in working life, plan the work process, and use the resources productively and correctly. They have a wide range of employment facilities. Industry, banking, tourism, audition, consultancy, insurance, foreign trade and logistics are some of the fields where they can find a job. They can work at public and private institutions.
In the first semester, the students of the Program of Business Management are taught courses on general economy, business, general accounting and commercial mathematics. In the remaining three semesters, the work processes are treated as a whole and the courses are taught on financial management, marketing research, management and organization, human resources management, total quality management, production management and international marketing. In this context, the latest innovations and developments in national and international fields are closely followed and the basic information acquired by the students is supported in examples. Besides the theoretical courses in these fields, practical training is emphasized and projects and internships are encouraged.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Business Management.
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