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First Aid and Emergency

The Program of First Aid and Emergency aims to train allied health personnel who can perform the pre-hospitalization emergency services professionally, who can conduct the carrying of the injured to the required centres until their real treatment is done and who can provide the life-saving medical interventions and those that prevent the disabilities throughout. Another aim of the program is to train technicians who are careful, calm, responsible and capable of forming strong relationships with others, who examine the state and environment of the patient and determine their problem by taking information from their relatives, and who can fulfil the task of first aid in the first-aid department of hospitals and drive an ambulance when necessary.

Completing all the vocational practices and internships, the students graduate from the program with the title of ‘health technician’. Thus, they are entitled to work at the emergency service of the hospitals and at the pre-hospitalization emergency care services.
The Program of First Aid and Emergency offers the students training on immediate aid and rescue efforts, ambulance trainings, emergency health services, emergency patient care, EKG reading, bleeding control, establishing vascular access and some basic medical applications. Also, the students take not only the basic courses of Anatomy and Pharmacology but also vocational ones such as Rescue, Use of Equipment and Behavioural Sciences. They fulfil their internships at the emergency services of hospitals and 112 ambulance stations. They are trained to be loyal to medical ethics and deontological rules, respectful to patients’ rights, and physically and mentally strong enough to perform their duty under all circumstances at any time. They do their thirty-weekday summer internships at the end of the first year, while in the second year they do their internships within the umbrella of the course of Vocational Practices in each semester in the second year at the emergency services of hospitals and 112 ambulance stations.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of First Aid and Emergency.
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