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Physical therapy is a sector that develops day by day and renews itself with the technologic developments, so the need for qualified staff is on the gradual increase. The gradual increase in the number of those with inborn or acquired handicaps or disability results in the increased need for qualified personnel who will assist the physiotherapist in rehabilitation. From this perspective, associate-degree programs of physiotherapy are increasing in number in the world. The program is integrated with the needs of the age and innovations throughout the training period. The quality of training is supported with the hardware and equipment bought in accordance with the developing technology in the Vocational School of our university. The purpose of the Program of Physiotherapy is to train physiotherapy technicians who attach importance to human health and ethical values, who are equipped with modern information and skills, who can use the technologic tools and devices, and who have a developed skill of solving problems and cultural richness and communication. This is because the public and private hospitals, university hospitals and physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics need these technicians.

Our university conducts interviews and negotiations with the important representatives in the related sector in order to see to the issue of students’ ability to find an internship and job fast and sustainably before starting the process of opening a program. Similarly, we collaborate with them about the practical courses of the training program so that they progress with the support of sector representatives. This collaboration provides significant advantages to the students of the program. The employment fields of the students to graduate from this department are as follows: public and private health institutions and hospitals with/without beds affiliated to the Ministry of Health, public and private health institutions and hospitals with/without beds affiliated to the universities, physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics and private branch centres, eventide homes, spa-cure centres, and hotels for health tourism.
The syllabus of the Program of Physiotherapy consists of the courses containing information that can be used in every stage of working life. Basic Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Therapy, Orthesis-Prosthesis and Rehabilitation, Massage and Kinesiology are the main courses of the program.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Physiotherapy.
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