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There has appeared a big need for the intermediate personnel who can apply the traditional and modern techniques in the offering of health service due to the technologic developments. Dialysis treatment is the process of removing the excessive water and harmful materials like accumulated urea from the body through a membrane. It is used in the treatment of advanced renal failure. Dialysis treatment allows the continuation of life by regulating some of the failed kidney’s functions. Dialysis technicians are the personnel giving technical support to this treatment. Dialysis technician takes care of the patients required to be connected to the dialysis machine in accordance with the doctors’ instructions, follows the patients’ daily, weekly, monthly and yearly connection to the dialysis machine, maintains the machine and prepares it for the patients’ use, and deals with the other problems of the patients. Those who finish the Program of Dialysis can be transferred to the undergraduate programs of Nursery, Health Services and Medical Assistance if they succeed in the external transfer exam of OSYM.

The graduates of the Program of Dialysis are employed as dialysis technician at the public and private institutions offering dialysis health service parallel to the competencies they acquire.
The training period of this program is two years. The syllabus of the Program of Dialysis consists of the courses containing information that can be used in every stage of life. Anatomy, First Aid and Emergency, Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, Dialysis Device and Its Equipment, Principles of Nutrition, Pathology, Infectious Diseases, and Dialysis Applications are the primary courses in the syllabus. Besides these courses, the students are given the courses of accreditation and quality in health.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Dialysis.
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