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Dental Prosthesis Technology

Our country too, has come to realize that the dentist and the technician are a team in the manufacturing of the prosthesis. The latest regulations issued have hindered the dental technicians without a diploma from working and opening their laboratories. Therefore, there is a big need for the graduates of the Vocational School at laboratories. The students who prefer this program are therefore equipped with vocational, theoretical and practical training and education in the field during their two-year training. The graduates of the program are entitled as ‘Dental Prosthesis Technician’. Dental prosthesis technicians prepare a model according to the mouth dimensions taken by the dentist. Then they shape the fixed and mobile prosthesis on the models, reproduce them through casting, and give them an aesthetic appearance through levelling and polishing to make them fit for use in the mouth. They also repair the broken or cracking prosthesis and prepare the mobile orthodontic apparatus planned by the dentist during the treatment process.

The graduates of the program can find a job at public hospitals, dental hospitals, university hospitals, dental prosthesis laboratories, private sector’s laboratories, private institutions, and hospitals. Also, they have the right to complete and have the undergraduate degrees at the programs of Health Management, Business of Health Institutions, Management of Health Institutions and Health Administration. They conduct the lab work on the mobile and fixed dental and maxillary prosthesis applied to the maxillary and facial area, depending on the rules required by their background information of their profession; they do so on the models and records obtained from the patient according to the way of treatment planned by the dentist.
The students in the program are taught such basic courses as Head-Neck Embryology and Anatomy, Tooth Morphology, On Prosthesis, and so on. Prosthesis technology is treated as a whole in the remaining three semesters of education. There are also such courses as porcelain prosthesis, fixed prosthesis, mobile prosthesis, maxillary-facial prosthesis and prosthesis on implants. Their theoretical information is also supported by the practices during their education.
Click  here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Dental Prosthesis Technology.
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