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Marine Transport and Business

Marine transport is a sector that covers a lot of nations and work processes in the world. Certification of the personnel to study on the sea through a standard education all over the world has become compulsory with international agreements. The Program of Marine Transport and Business is, therefore, designed to train officers who can take an active mission in marine transport, who have a high awareness of responsibility and self-confidence, who can use their initiative and who can join and contribute to the modern practices of the age.

The graduates of the program are entitled to work as shift officer/limited master on the ship cruising everywhere in the world following the preparation period as the shift officer on the arranged ship. They can also work in such fields as navigation, brokering, marine insurance, human resources, harbour management and so on.
The Program of Marine Transport and Business has developed a syllabus complying with the regulations announced by the Undersecretariat. Among the primary courses are Cruise, Safety on the Sea, Shipping, Ship Structure and Balance, First Aid on the Ship, Marine Communication, Sea Meteorology, Cargo Stowage and Electronic Cruise.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Marine Transport and Business.
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