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Child Development

Pre-school education is described as the magical years of life. It is the period when a child’s development is the fastest and most critical. Pre-school education has its aim of raising the children’s developmental to the richest level and strengthening them. The Program of Child Development is a program that gives two-year or four-semester associate’s degree education. In the program, the students graduate with the skills of preparing programs fit for their development levels and making environmental planning, following the developments of the children in different fields and making new regulations, collaborating with people, institutions and organizations serving in field of child development and raising social awareness. The graduates meet the sectoral need for teacher’s assistant at pre-school and private education institutions.

The graduates are employed by the female technical and vocational high-schools of the Ministry of National Education, by the pre-school education institutions such as primary education schools, kindergartens and nursery classes, rehabilitation centres, children’s clubs, private educational institutions and classes where inclusive education is conducted.
The students of the Program of Child Development are taught such courses as Private Education, Child Development, Child and Game, Child and Drama, Child Health and Diseases, Child and Environment, Science and Technology in Child, Material Developing, Child Psychology and Mental Health and so on.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Child Development.
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