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Printing and Press Technologies

Accelerating the development of societies in the constitution of modern life, printing has enabled the reproduction of information and communication and made it possible to convey it to a larger mass of readers on one hand and revealed the concept of publishing on the other. This concept has ensured the emergence of diverse press types and fields such as journal, book, newspaper, brochure, and banner, and so on in visual and written media. Giving new answers to the expectations of the age every new day, the technologic developments have led to the need for individuals who have got technical knowledge and practice in field of printing and publishing. Parallel to this need, the program of Printing and Press Technologies aims to follow the latest technologic and scientific developments in the field and to train qualified individuals who can use any machine, equipment and material related to the field. Towards this end, we aim to enable our students to produce solutions to any problem before, during and after the printing and to adapt to the innovations and developments of the technology.

The graduates of the Program of Printing and Press Technologies are entitled to be employed at printing houses, publishing houses, graphic design units/agencies, production planning departments, Research-Development departments and packaging and labelling sectors.
All the stages of printing sector are taught in the program in theoretical and practical ways. In this sense, the courses are planned according to the running of the printing in general and printing as well as pre- and post-printing stages. For the pre-printing stage, the courses are Computer-Assisted Design I-II, Information on Basic Graphic Design, Photography, Carton Package Design and Production I-II and Computer-Assisted Page Design I-II, while the courses for the printing process are General Printing Techniques, Press Material Information, Chromatics, Montage and Block Technology, Physical Tests and Press Chemistry courses. On the other hand, there are courses on binding technologies for the post-printing process. Besides, the courses of Quality Management Systems, Press Cost Calculations and Vocational English are included in the syllabus about the general running of the press.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Printing and Press Technologies.
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