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The duty of anaesthesia technicians is to assist the authorized anaesthetist in anaesthetic applications in health sector, to take place in the preparation of the patient for the operation and in the operation room during the operation. The graduates of the Program of Anaesthesia are trained in such a way as to know the patients, the drugs to be used by them and the conditions in which they are very well. Our graduates take place in the anaesthesia team as assistant health staff. Our training program is designed to equip our students with the required skills and background towards this end. It is of importance to train technicians who can make the preparation of the patient for the operation, who can give support to the anaesthetist during the operation, and who can undertake to control and check the patient after the operation. Besides the developed anaesthesia machines and different anaesthesia techniques, the students are taught about sterilization and care of emergency patients.

The students are taught such theoretical courses as Physiology, Anaesthesiology – I, Sterilization Principles and Methods in the first semester. In the remaining three semesters of the program, there are such courses on anaesthetic equipment and devices, infectious diseases, pathology and special anaesthetic techniques. Also, they are required to carry out their internship together with the practical course of Anaesthesia and Reanimation in their second year. In this context, the latest developments and innovations in national and international fields are followed, and the basic information acquired by the students is reinforced with examples. Theoretical courses are put into practice through practical courses, and internships are encouraged.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Anaesthesia.
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