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Oral and Dental Health

Dental and oral health technicians are those who assist the dentists in all their clinical work at dental polyclinics. They prepare the working environment for the dentist, admit the patient and assist the dentist and patient during the treatment. The purpose of oral and dental health is to train distinguished, qualified, modern and well-versed graduates who have an international level of background to meet the need of our country for intermediate staff. The Program also aims to train staff having enough skills and background to answer the changing needs of the society and to provide them with work and activity fields where they can use their knowledge fully. The chance of internship provided during the education enable the students to develop themselves at a maximum rate. The training program of Vocational School should not only aim at theoretical education but also offer a strong practical substructure and background. Being pretty important in today’s business world, human relations are emphasized and the individual’s full maturity in social terms is secured.

The graduates of the Program can work at hospitals as an oral and dental health technician. They can also work at dental laboratories, dental clinics, hospitals’ units for dental health and businesses supplying technical equipment on dental health. However, they do not have the right to work freelance. They also have the right to complete their undergraduate degree by taking the External Transfer Exam for the departments of Health Management, Management of Health Institutions, Administration of Health Institutions and Health Management.
The students of the Program of Oral and Dental Health are taught the basic theoretical courses, i.e. Head-Neck Anatomy, Ergonomics in Dentistry, and Dental Morphology in the first semester. In the remaining three semesters, however, oral and dental health is treated in a multidisciplinary way; Orthodontics, Prosthesis in Dentistry, Mouth, Tooth and Jaw Diseases and Their Surgery, Pedodontics, Oral Diagnosis and Radiology, Periodontology and Conservative Dental Treatment are some of the courses in the last three semesters of the syllabus. In this context, the latest innovations and developments in national and international fields are analysed and the basic information acquired by the students is reinforced with practical applications.
Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Oral and Dental Health.
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